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Outage of the IT systems at CC-IN2P3 scheduled for the 21st and 22nd September 2010

This outage will impact all our facilities due maintenance operations.

The entry of the jobs will be bloqued progressively, depending on their duration, on the 19th September (48 hours before the intervention). The batch will gradually restart on the 23rd September.

Here are some precisions concerning the unavailability time for some services

  • du 21/09 10:30 au 21/09 14:30 : interruption of interactive machines ccali
  • du 21/09 19:00 au 21/09 19:30 : interruption of email and web
  • du 21/09 19:30 au 21/09 minuit : interventions on the network will impact access to the services of the computing center.

Concerning grid services the downtimes will be  :

  • du 21/09 05:00 au 23/09 10:00: outage of the CEs (outage of batch system)
  • du 21/09 18:00 au 22/09 10:00: complete outage of the sites
  • du 21/09 18:00 au 22/09 16:00: outage of Dcache services

The maintenance will cover:

  • HPSS and TSM (intervention on robotics)
  • XROOTD, GPFS, DCACHE (updates)
  • New router and upgrades of network equipment that will result in network outages.
  • Oracle, MySQL and Postgres (migration to new platform)
  • Updates and patches on several machines
  • Interventions on electrical systems and cooling installations

These interventions will also impact IRODS and SRB