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Bienvenue sur la page Atlas SC4 LCG-France

Welcome to the LCG-France Atlas SC4 page

Twiki page : SC4 ATLAS

Compte rendu de la réunion SC4 ATLAS au CERN du 9 Juin (S.Jézéquel, G. Rahal) (written in french)

  • T0 Role(CERN)
    • Produce dummy files with 1 to 2 GB size(RAW, ESD et AOD) (see T0 Twiki)
    • Initiate T0->T1 transfers
    • FTS server sents files to Lyon choosing between 'TAPE' (RAW 43,2 Mo/s) or 'DISK' (ESD,AOD 23+20 Mo/s) areas
  • T1 Role (CCIN2P3)
    • Get files from T0 (dedicated dcache area: L. Schwarz)
    • Provides LFC ( and FTS service ( (D. Bouvet)
    • Send all AODs to each T2 (20 Mo/s) using Lyon FTS server
    • Regurlarly cleanup files
    • Get files from T1 (Lyon). Files on the T2 are written in /home/atlas/sc4tier0/...
    • Clean-up the files (?)
  • Other roles
    • ATLAS (S. Jézéquel, G. Rahal) : Initiate T1->T2 transfers

Information from DDM monitoring


Information from FTS monitoring

  • T1->T2 :
    • 15 concurrent files and 10 streams for LYON-TOKYO
    • 5 concurrent files and 5 streams for LYON-BEIJING (SE not enough powerful for 15/15 )
    • 10 concurrent files and 10 streams for LYON-French T2s (LAL, LPNHE, LPC, SACLAY) except for LAPP (5 concurrent files and 1 stream)

Information from dCache monitoring (provided by Lyon)

VOBOX Configuration

  • 4 processors 3 GHz
  • 4 GB of memory ( 2 GB dedicated to SWAP)
  • The monitoring of the Vobox daily, weekly and monthly can be found Here

Disk space availability

Daily news

  • SC4 transfers from LYON to T2s:
    • Simultaneous transfers to the 7 T2 sites for more than 24 hours; it reached more than 25MB/s
    • StackdayLYON-27-7.png

Post-mortem DDM meeting

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