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Detailed information for participation of the LYONregion to the functionnal test

The goal of this test is to check that data produced can be moved between sites (functionnalities are working). It is not a performance measurement yet.

  • 4 September : DDM parameters for CCPM included (no transfer tested with DDM)
  • 7 September : No pre test due to problems after recovery of the Lyon Computing Center
  • 8 September : Lyon is back. New version of DDM installed. Test dataset transfer one site after the other. Test OK for LAL, LAPP, LPC, LPNHE, SACLAY,TOKYO (but quite long for yet unknown reasons like other trafic). For CPPM, one line is missing in ToA (correction submitted to DDM experts). FTS problem (transfer stays active) for BEIJING (message submitted to LYON and BEIJING)
  • 11 September : all FTS channels ready and ToA OK. Transfer tests failed partly because the VOBOX

was busy with features between DDM and the MC production system (error identified on the 12th but needs to be cured)

  • 12 September :
    • Report during the ATLAS software week on the tests. Only Triumf was successfull at the first test.
    • Another test of transfers from CERN to LYON. Few datasets were completly successfull. The other ones

were blocked because of access problem to the LFC catalog at CERN.

  • 13 September :
    • No access to storage in LYON (notified intervention)
    • 22:00 Resubmit transfers from CERN to LYON
  • 14 September
    • Transfer almost sucessfull (~95 % success rate) with all 8 sites


  • 22 September : Result presented by A. Klimentov. Only LYON and CNAF fulfilled all steps but transfer

of datasets has an efficiency of 45 %.

  • 9-13 octobre : semaine 41

StackweekLYON-41.png LPCweek-41.png LALweek-41.png LPNHEweek-41.png LAPPweek-41.png TOKYOweek-41.png CPPMweek-41.png

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