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The management of the LCG-Project is composed of two boards: the Executive Board (Comité de Pilotage) and the Management Board (Conseil de Direction). In addition, the Scientific and Technical leaders have the operational responsibility of the project. The roles of each one of these bodies are detailed in the LCG-France project description document.

These section present the membership of those boards as of January 2013.

LCG-France Project Leaders

Scientific Leader
Fairouz Malek
Technical Leader
Fréderique Chollet-Le Flour, Fabio Hernandez(2004-July 2010)

LCG-France Executive Board (Comité de Pilotage)

  • IN2P3 Director (Chair): Michel Spiro (2004-2010), Jacques Martino (from April 2010)
  • IN2P3 deputy Director in charge of Particle Physics and Computing: François Le Diberder (2004-2008), Etienne Augé (July 2008 - July 2011), Laurent Serin (from July 2011)
  • IN2P3 deputy director in charge of Technical projects: Pascal Dargent, Christophe De La Taille (from 2011),
  • CEA/IRFU Scientific Director: Jean Zinn-Justin (2004-2008), Ph. Chomaz (from July 2008)
  • World-wide LCG collaboration: LCG project leader: Les Robertson (2004-2007). Ian Bird from January 2008.
  • Experiment representatives:
    • ALICE: Pascal Dupieux (2004-2008), Yves Schutz(from January 2009)
    • ATLAS: Daniel Fournier (until 2012), Isabelle Wingerter-Seez (from January 2013)
    • CMS: Yves Sirois (from 2009)
    • LHCb: Elie Aslanides(until 2012), Renaud Le Gac (from January 2013)
  • Ex-officio members:
    • CC-IN2P3 Director: Dominique Boutigny (2004-2012), Pierre-Etienne Macchi (from January 2013)
    • IN2P3 Computing: Giovanni Lamanna (from January 2013), Cristinel Diaconu (2008-2012), François Etienne (2004-2007)
    • CEA Computing: Laurent Crouzet (2004-2006). Jean-Pierre Meyer since 2007.
    • Scientific Project Leader: Fairouz Malek (since 2004)
    • Technical Project Leader: Fabio Hernandez (2004- July 2010), Fréderique Chollet-Le Flour (from July 2010)
    • Tier-2s and Tier-3s technical coordinator:Yannick Patois (from Dec.2010)

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LCG-France Steering Board (Conseil de Direction)

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Representatives for France before the W-LCG Project Boards

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