Incoming events

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WLCG Collaboration Workshop in cunjonction with CHEP 2012, May 19-20, NYC

HEPiX Spring 2012 Workshop, April 23-27, Prague

WLCG TEG co-located and joint FtF meetings, 23, 24-25 january 2012, NIKHEF, Amsterdam

ALICE T1/T2 Workshop, 24-26 january 2012, KIT, Karlsruhe

Rencontres LCG-France, CC-IN2P3, 30 nov. - 1er déc. , 2011

Workshop Federated Data Storage, CC-IN2P3, Nov. 21-22 2011, Lyon

Monthly LCG-France Tier-2 Tier-3 Technical Meeting

Monthly LCG Grid Deployment Board

France-Grilles Monthly Operations Meeting