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T0-T1 transfer tests week1

T1-T1 transfer tests week2

T0-T1-T2 transfer tests week3

General remarks

The T0 load generator will run at "peak" rate for 3 days ("peak" rate means data from 24h/day of detector data taking at 200Hz are distributed in 24h, while "nominal" rate means data from 14 hours/day of detector data taking at 200Hz are distributed in 24h).

At peak rate 17,280,000 events/day are produced, corresponding to 27.6 TB/day of RAW, 17.3 TB/day of ESD and 3.5 TB/day of AOD (considering the sizes of 1.6 MB/event for RAW, 1.0 MB/event for ESD and 0.2 MB/event for AOD)


Shipping continuously data to T1s according to computing model, sites should demonstrate to sustain for 3 days the following export rates

|SITE |TAPE |DISK |TOTAL | |IN2P3 | 48.00 MB/s | 100.00 MB/s | 148.00 MB/s |

Metric for success: Sites should be capable of sustaining 90% of the mentioned rates (for both disk and tape) for at least 2 days of test. For sites who would like to test higher throughput, we can oversubscribe (both to disk and tape).

As a reminder, here the table of the necessary space needed at each T1

SITE TAPE DISK IN2P3 12.4416 TB 25.92 TB


  • Transfers started at about 13h30.



General remarks

T2s will receive AODs, which should be generated at a rate of 3.5TB/day. The amount that each site receives depends on the share as written in


  • Transfers started at about 15h10.

T0-T1-T2 + T1-T1 transfer tests week4