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  • Scientific Project Leader : Jean-Pierre Meyer (CEA-IRFU)
  • Technical Project Leader : Michel Jouvin (LAL)

The GRIF project (« Grille au service de la Recherche en Ile-de-France ») is a combined effort of the six laboratories of high energy physics in Paris region (Ile de France) to setup a unique computing and disk ressources based on grid computing technologies. This ressource consists in more than 18000 computing cores and almost 8 petabytes of storage and is used by regional academics users. Engineers taking care of these ressources are also in charge of other duties (teachinh, expertise in development and project management), easing the use of grid for new users.

The GRIF project:

  • is a major computing and storage center, called Tier 2 and Tier 3, for LHC ("Large Hadron Collider") experiments at CERN, as part of the WLCG (“World Lhc Computing Grid”) project;
  • répond aux besoins de calcul et de stockage des autres expériences des laboratoires impliqués tout en préservant une partie des ressources pour un cadre pluridisciplinaire dans le cadre de la grille EGI (“European Grid Infrastructure”);
  • LCG Grid Operations Centre's entry for this site: GRIF (access granted by LCG user certficate)
  • Supported LHC VOs: Alice, Atlas, CMS, LHCb
  • LCG Information System Monitor for this site: GRIF