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  • Scientific Project Leader : Jean-Pierre Meyer (CEA-DAPNIA)
  • Technical Project Leader : Michel Jouvin (LAL)

GRIF(Grille Recherche en Ile de France) is a Tier2 project started by DAPNIA (CEA, Saclay), LAL (IN2P3, Orsay) and LPNHE (IN2P3, Paris6) beginning of 2005. IPNO (IN2P3, Orsay) and LLR (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau) joined the project during fall 2005. This is a collaborative effort to provide Tier2 for all the LHC experiments for simulation and analysis.

GRIF resources goal for LHC startup (end of 2007) is :

   * 1500 CPUs (Xeon 3Ghz equivalent)
   * 350 TB of disk space

Resources will be distributed between the different GRIF members but will appear as a unique resource from the grid. GRIF EGEE/LCG site is GRIF.

Details on GRIF project goals, ressources and progress can be found at GRIF site.


Utilisation de lmdd et de bonnie



Ecriture : 125 MB/s

Lecture : 140 MB/s

Exemple des commandes passées

bin/x86_64-linux-gnu/lmdd if=internal of=/dapnia/test_perf bs=1M count=12500 fsync=1

bin/x86_64-linux-gnu/lmdd of=internal if=/dapnia/test_perf fsync=1

./Bonnie -d /dapnia -s 12500