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IN2P3-DAPNIA Computing Center in Lyon

  • Site Information System: ldap://cclcgip01.in2p3.fr:2170/mds-vo-name=IN2P3-CC,o=grid
  • Supported LHC VOs: Alice, Atlas, CMS, LHCb
  • LCG Grid Operations Centre's entry for this site: IN2P3-CC (access granted by LCG user certficate)
  • LCG Information System Monitor for this site: IN2P3-CC
LCG Component LCG version Hostname Comments
Computing Element (CE) LCG 2.7.0 cclcgceli01.in2p3.fr BQS-managed computing element with 600+ dual processor Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz Worker Nodes running ScientificLinux 3.0.3.Shared for all LHC VOs