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(Workload Management)
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** AAI (Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure) on worker nodes
** AAI (Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure) on worker nodes
** AAI on storage systems
** AAI on storage systems
** Identity Federation
** Security vs Useability

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WLCG has created a number of Technical Evolution Groups to guide the technical development of the project. As the future of the WLCG Grid infrastructure will be first discussed in those groups, it is important for LCG-France to be part of those discussions. The different groups, their contact channels and area of work are presented on this page.

INDICO Category : https://indico.cern.ch/categoryDisplay.py?categId=3753

WLCG Technical Evolution Groups

Operations & Tools

  • LCG-France members: Frédérique Chollet

Data Management

  • LCG-France members: Catherine Biscarat, Michel Jouvin

Storage Management

  • LCG-France members: Yannick Patois, Yvan Calas, Loïc Tortay, Fabio Hernandez
  • Chairs: Daniele Bonacorsi (CMS), Wahid Bhimji (Edinburgh)
  • Wiki : https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/LCG/WLCGTEGStorage
  • Egroup mailing list : wlcg-teg-storage_at_CERN
  • Scope :
    • Experiment IO/usage patterns(and so performance requirements for storage)
    • Requirements on future storage systems
    • Separation of archives and disk pools/caches
    • Storage system interfaces to Grid(SRM status?)
    • Filesystems/protocols (standards?)
    • Security/access controls
    • as site-­‐run services: storage management, performance measurements, monitoring, etc


  • LCG-France members:

Workload Management

  • LCG-France members: Catherine Biscarat, Pierre Girard, Andrea Sartirana


  • LCG-France members: