Scientific organizing committee

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Scientific Organizing committee
  1. Jean-Claude Chevaleyre, Tier-2 LPC-Clermont
  2. Dominique Pallin, LPC-Clermont - Co-chair
  3. Christophe Diarra, Tier-2 IPN-Orsay
  4. Pascal Van Laer, CMS, Tier-2 Belgium
  5. Giacomo Bruno, CMS, Tier-2 Belgium
  6. Othmane Bouhali, CMS, Tier-2 Belgium and in charge for connection wirh Morroco
  7. Jean-Michel Barbet, Tier-2, Subatech/Nantes
  8. Laurent Aphecetche, ALICE, Tier-2, Subatech/Nantes
  9. Claude Charlot, Rep. CMS to LCG-France
  10. Michel Jouvin, Tier-2 LAL-Orsay
  11. Cal Loomis, Tier-2 LAL-Orsay
  12. Eric Fède, Tier-3 LAPP-Annecy
  13. Pierrick Micout, Tier-2 Dapnia-Saclay
  14. Christine Leroy, Tier-2 Dapnia-Saclay
  15. Fréderic Derue, Tier-2 LPNHE-Paris
  16. Fabio Hernandez, Tech. Resp. LCG-France - Co-chair
  17. Ghita Rahal, ATLAS User Support at Tier-1/AF, CC-IN2P3
  18. Thierry Ollivier, Tier-3 IPN-Lyon
  19. Yannick Patois, Tier-3 IPHC-Strasbourg
  20. Hélène Cordier, LCG-France Tier-1/AF au CC-IN2P3
  21. Pierre Girard, Tier-1/AF, CC-IN2P3
  22. Lila Martin, Tier-2 LPNHE-Paris
  23. Fairouz Malek, Scient. Resp. LCG-France - Co-chair