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The management of the LCG-Project is composed of two boards: the Overview Board (Comité de Pilotage) and the Management Board (Comité de Direction). In addition, the Scientific and Technical leaders have the operational responsibility of the project. The roles of each one of these bodies are detailed in the LCG-France project description document.

These section present the membership of those boards as of June 2006.

LCG-France Overview Board (Comité de Pilotage)

LCG-France Management Board (Comité de Direction)

LCG-France Project Leaders

Scientific Leader
Fairouz Malek : ATLAS experiment group leader of the Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie - LPSC
Technical Leader
Fabio Hernandez : IN2P3 Computing Centre Deputy Director

Representatives for France before the W-LCG Project Boards

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