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LCG-France regular meetings

WLCG calendar and other events

Howto connect to a renavisio meeting with vidyo

RenaVisio is the video conference platform from Renater. Anyone from an EPST can book a meeting. Two bridges are available, SCOPIA and CODIAN, and different tools are available to connect on those. However the documentation does not include one common tools used at CERN: vidyo. *It can only be used to connect to a CODIAN video* so if you are booking a video make sure to visit the extra option link to select the CODIAN bridge which is not the default.

To connect to a meeting via vidyo:

  • make sure your microphone is set ON both at system level and in vidyo since voice dialing is used to input the meeting PIN
  • copy the H323 link provided for the meeting and put in the "search" field of vidyo: since the room is not found, vidyo offers to connect directly. Just do that.
  • Open the "list of participant" view in the vidyo GUI, click on a small icon at the bottom that opens a dial pad from which you can click the PIN number and #. It is alo possible to pass the PIN code in the H323 link like this ===> h323:<confid>***<PIN>
  • Voilà ! you are connected !

LCG-France Thematic meetings