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--Chollet 11:41, 27 janvier 2010 (CET)

Pilot jobs working group of the Technical Forum (wiki)

Support of Multi-user pilot jobs (MUPJ) for LHC VOs

In December 09, the WLCG Management Board asked the WLCG Technical Forum to provide recommendations on the use of multi-user pilot jobs, in particular on the deployment and configuration of glexec and its usage by the experiment frameworks.


- MUPJ in principle supported
- Most of the sites/resources compatible with glexec setuid 
    o many sites require it in the medium terms
    o strongly preferred by CMS and ATLAS
- Many sites prohibit bypassing glexec on internal errors (with some tolerance for the time being)
- Site concerns :
     Batch jobs clean-up (complications of), some incompatibilities with afs in setuid mode, 
     how can local users gets special share/priorities ?, strong concerns about MUPJ concept expresseb bu NorduGrid 
- Proposed actions :
    o sites should configure glexec with SCAS/Argus/GUMS backend and advertise it with GlueCECapability : glexec
      glexec/SCAS testing chain in validation - new ops/role=pilot - will be integrated in the next release of national nagios
    o experiments should try out their glexec workflows at such sites as they become available
    o sites that do not support the setuid mode would no longer receive MUPJ 
    o others technologies (such as virtualization) may affect medium-term strategies
- In conclusion, MB agrreed that a detailed plan for glexec deployment in setuid mode in WLCG sites is required
- Milestone for T0/T1 sites


  • Glasgow wiki page (glexec and SCAS installation and configuration)