LCGFR TECHnical Coordination

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W-LCG : Tier-2s project reports (Accounting, Site reliability)
Pages techniques / Trucs et Astuces des SiteAdmins - SiteAdmins HandBook
Surveillance des sites et services - Sites & Services Monitoring


Incoming Events / Past Events

Documentation EDMS

Contacts (Mailing list & Visioconferences)

List managers : Fabio Hernandez, Frédérique Chollet
Send a mail to : or

To connect the "LCG-France T2T3" videoconference or the teleconference, please call : Title : LCG France - T2T3
IP :
Tel. : 04 26 68 73 00
PIN is delivered by e-mail on LCGFR-TECH mailing list

CCRC'08 follow-up

Technical Activities

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