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W-LCG : Tier-2s project reports (Accounting, Site reliability)
Pages techniques / Trucs et Astuces des SiteAdmins - SiteAdmins HandBook

Incoming Events / Past Events

Documentation EDMS

Contacts (Mailing list & Visioconferences)

To connect the "LCG-France TECH" videoconference or the teleconference, please refer to information attached to the agenda.
PIN is delivered by e-mail on LCGFR-TECH mailing list

Minutes OpenOffice Template
Minutes Word Template

WLCG Baseline WLCG Operations Meetings WLCG Technical Forum

Wiki Operations France Grilles

More on WLCG Technology Evolution Groups

Working groups

Les groupes de travail opérationnels Accounting et Monitoring initiés dans le cadre de LCG-France poursuivent désormais leurs activités dans le cadre de France Grilles.

FR Technical Activities & Topics

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