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see the profile above.
see the profile: https://trac.lal.in2p3.fr/LCGQWG/browser/templates/trunk/clusters/example-3.1/profiles/nagios3-server.example.org.tpl
=== What is monitored ===
=== What is monitored ===

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Installing Nagios with quattor

Nagios configuration requires both a set of client templates for commands to be run on clients by the Nagios Remote Plug-in Executor (NRPE) and a set of server templates configuring contacts for alarms, hosts to be monitored, services (AKA sensors) and so on.

Configuring the Nagios server

The configuration of a Nagios server is done in a set of standard templates, in the 'monitoring/nagios3' namespace.

Repository Used

  • RPMs for nagios and nagios-plugins (+dépendances) are compiled for each supported OS, and are put in the repository « updates » on quattorsrv.lal.in2p3.fr.

Ex. : http://quattor.web.lal.in2p3.fr/packages/os/sl440-i386/updates/

  • Plugins « nagios-grid-plugins » are in noarch RPM in the repository « nagios »

Ex. : http://quattor.web.lal.in2p3.fr/packages/nagios/

see template : nagios3/plugins/config.tpl

Server Template

An example Nagios server template is here :


This machine should be a UI to monitor grid services.

Who is monitored

2 conditions

  • Hosts from site (variable SITES) and present in config/’sitename’_nodes_properties.tpl will be monitored

Template example for hosts declaration are in LCGQWG: https://trac.lal.in2p3.fr/LCGQWG/browser/templates/trunk/sites/example/site/config

  • AND host that has NAGIOS_CLIENT_ENABLED set to "true":
variable NAGIOS_CLIENT_ENABLED ?= true;
include { if(NAGIOS_CLIENT_ENABLED) 'monitoring/nagios3/client/config'};

If you want to set this variable to "true" for all your hosts you can put it in the following template:

template site/pro_site_common_config

You can tune this with


see the profile: https://trac.lal.in2p3.fr/LCGQWG/browser/templates/trunk/clusters/example-3.1/profiles/nagios3-server.example.org.tpl

What is monitored


Services are added in the template « server/cfgfiles/services.tpl » , adding a service can be done like this :

variable TMP_SERVICE=nlist( 
       "use","                             generic-service", 
       "host_name","                       node07.org.fr", 
     "service_description","             Workers ssh_known_hosts", 
     "contact_groups","                  admins", 
     "check_command","                   check_nrpe_long!check_ssh_known_hosts!60", 
     "normal_check_interval","           60 ; check every hour", 
     "max_check_attempts","              1", 

If the second parameter of the function nagios_add_service is « true » , a dependency will be added on the NRPE daemon for all the nodes « "*,!NOQUATTOR » for the service defined .... need to improve on this...

It's possible to add dependency on a services for a host, with a service from another host well defined:

variable NAGIOS_USER_DEFINED_HOST_DEPENDENCIES =	nagios_add_host_service_dependency(
	"node07.datagrid.cea.fr","nrpe daemon", "node07.datagrid.cea.fr","Workers ssh_known_hosts" 

It's not possible to add dependency between hostgroups (for the moment ?)

commands and NRPE

Nagios configuration files doesn't need complex quattor structure template and so are created with filecopy :

  • adding commands is done in:


  • adding NRPE commands is done in:


It's possible to add dependency on the NRPE daemon for services wich are not defined on all the hosts(template services.tpl)

        escape("CE,CE-MPI,!NOQUATTOR")  ,"black hole workers",
        escape("CE,CE-MPI,LFC,SE_DPM,SE_DISK,MON,VOBOX,WMS,!NOQUATTOR"),"host certificate",
        escape("MON")                   ,"apel publisher",
        escape("CE,CE-MPI")                             ,"apel parser",
        escape("WN,CE-MPI,UI,VOBOX")    ,"home partition freespace",
        escape("WN")    ,"pbs_mom transfers",

Proxy management

Need to have a valid certificate for local grid probe. 2 mechanisms are possible: Renewal and Retrieval. In cfg/standard/monitoring/nagios3/server/config.tpl

include { if(NAGIOS_NCG_CONFIG && NAGIOS_MODE_PROXY_RENEW) 'monitoring/nagios3/server/vobox'};
include { if(NAGIOS_NCG_CONFIG && NAGIOS_MODE_PROXY_RETRIEVE) 'monitoring/nagios3/server/proxy_retrieval'};

Les variables associées:


client configuration

Les variables

variable NAGIOS_RPM_VERSION ?= "3.0.5-1"

string. Nagios Server RPM version


nlist. The site nodes properties. For instance : nlist( escape("mynode.mydomain"), nlist("type","NFS", "monitoring","yes", "os","undef", "ip","" , "hardware","undef"))

Installation Exemple

With Quattor

server profile creation look at the profile above.

svn add cfg/clusters/your-3.1/profiles/profile_node58.tpl

Modify your list of machines:

vi ./cfg/sites/your/site/config/your_nodes_properties.tpl

create your hardware template

svn cp ./cfg/sites/your/hardware/virtual_machine_3.tpl ./cfg/sites/your/hardware/virtual_machine_13.tpl
Configure your clients adding:
variable NAGIOS_CLIENT_ENABLED = true;
include { if(NAGIOS_CLIENT_ENABLED) 'monitoring/nagios3/client/config'};

in the template template site/pro_site_common_config

Comit your change:

svn ci -m 'adding serveur nagios'

on the nagios server

  • As root
vi /var/log/spma.log
vi /var/log/ncm-cdispd.log
/etc/init.d/nagios status
/etc/init.d/nagios start
add your server certificate in /etc/grid-security

  • As nagios
add your personnal certificate and create a local proxy (or you can do that from another UI):
voms-proxy-init --voms vo.grif.fr
myproxy-init -c 336 -k xxxxx-s myproxy.grif.fr -l nagios -x  -Z "/O=GRID-FR/C=FR/O=xxx/OU=xxx/CN=xxxx.xxxx.fr"
  • As root: check the proxy retrieval mechanism:
MyProxy credential retrieved. VOMS credential retrieved.
# voms-proxy-info --all -file /etc/nagios/globus/userproxy.pem
subject   : /O=GRID-FR/C=FR/O=CEA/OU=IRFU/CN=Christine Leroy/CN=proxy/CN=proxy/CN=proxy/CN=proxy
issuer    : /O=GRID-FR/C=FR/O=CEA/OU=IRFU/CN=Christine Leroy/CN=proxy/CN=proxy/CN=proxy
identity  : /O=GRID-FR/C=FR/O=CEA/OU=IRFU/CN=Christine Leroy/CN=proxy/CN=proxy/CN=proxy
type      : proxy
strength  : 1024 bits
path      : /etc/nagios/globus/userproxy.pem
timeleft  : 11:27:56
=== VO vo.grif.fr extension information ===
VO        : vo.grif.fr
subject   : /O=GRID-FR/C=FR/O=CEA/OU=IRFU/CN=Christine Leroy
issuer    : /O=GRID-FR/C=FR/O=CNRS/OU=LAL/CN=grid12.lal.in2p3.fr
attribute : /vo.grif.fr/Role=NULL/Capability=NULL
timeleft  : 11:27:56
uri       : grid12.lal.in2p3.fr:20001