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2016, 10-14 Octobre, CHEP, San Fransisco

2016, 8-9 Octobre, WLCG workshop, San Fransisco

2016, 14 juin, CEPH day @ CERN

2016, 2-4 mai, HSF Workshop, LAL, Orsay

2016, 18-22 avril, HEPIX sping meeting, DESY Zeuthen, Allemagne

2016, 18-20 avril, 6-th annual ALICE Tier-1/Tier-2 workshop in Bergen, Norway

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Regular meetings

Monthly LCG-France Technical Meeting (third Friday of each month)

Monthly LCG Grid Deployment Board (second Wednesday of each month)

WLCG Operations Coordination meetings

Monthly dev DPM enlarged Meeting

France-Grilles Monthly Operations Meeting