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2007-2008 Planning over Christmas for the french sites

Contact our favorite ROC :
Broadcast/publish informations from the CIC portal :


  • CC-IN2P3 will be running as usual.


  • GRIF :
  • LAPP Annecy :

All ressources for sites IN2P3-LAPP will be available during Christmas period with a minimal support.

  • LPC Clermont :

All ressources for sites IN2P3-LPC and AUVERGRID will be avaible normaly during Christmas period. The support for these sites will be minimal from 22/12/2007 at (GMT) until 07/01/2008 at 9h00(GMT)

  • Subatech :

All resources for site IN2P3-SUBATECH are available with minimal support between /12/2007 and /01/2007.


  • CPPM :