Formation PerfSONAR

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Formation perfSONAR organisée par GEANT & Renater

  • Date : le 4 avril
  • Lieu : Paris (à confirmer)
  • Horaires :
  • Nbre de participants prévus : 10 à 15 pers.
  • Inscription : sur demande par mail à Xavier Jeannin (AT
  • Programme  :
- Overall picture and LCG monitoring context (presented by WLCG or LGC-France)
- Discussion on the requirement of LHC community in order to implement new feature: centralized configuration, reference  state ...
- Interoperability of both perfoSONAR instances -PS and -MDM  : where are we ?
- Installation of PS-MDM in a [French] operational point for production
IRFU/CEA (please send the requirement for the installation of all     
   necessary services BWCTL/OWD/archive ?/authentication?/ssh-telnet ?)
 - Test of this PS-MDM installed and features presentation:  especially scheduled test   data collect and reference state identificatio