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DDM monitoring


  • In LYONDISK, files older than 24 hours are deleted (not LFC entries). Since datasets are destroyed at CERN 24 hours after its creation, subscription to T2s are done only if datasets are younger than 0.8 days.
  • 10 October
    • Smooth transfers during the night.
    • Problems with CPPM (FTS says the disk is fullbut the publication says different thing)
    • No efficient FTS transfer to GRIF (LAL and LPNHE)
    • HPSS in maintenance in LYON (should not affect dcache if does not last too long)
    • Around 12:00, FTS server in Lyon was not able to get the status of the job. After some time, the transfers

were automatically resubmitted but failed because the physical files already existed.

    • 2 TB added for ATLAS in Saclay but FTS was not able to access the 1.8 TB opened to all VOs.
  • 9 October
    • No transfer T0-T1 since 8:00. Reason is Failed to get proxy certificate from . Reason is ERROR from server: Credentials do not existUnable to retrieve credential information
    • Problem of Miguel's certificate solved in the afternoon (use David Cameron's certificate)
    • Database recreated for LYON and TIER2S
    • In parallel to SC4, transfer calib0_csc11 files to LYONTAPE
    • All SC4 files written to LYONDISK are transfered to all TIER2S (except SACLAY (disk still full)). A cron will be used during the night.
  • 6-8 October :
    • Requested T1-T2 are not done by DDM
    • Transfer CERN-LYON OK (Stable for LYONTAPE but chaotic for LYONDISK for a total rate of 50-100 MB/s) since Sunday midnight (Main failures : State from FTS: Failed; Retries: 4; Reason: Transfer failed. ERROR an end-of-file was reached )
  • 6 October :
    • Problems of dcache solved
    • One more week of SC4 tests

T0-T1-20061006.png T1-T2-20061006.png

  • 5 October:
    • Transfer problems LYON->GRIF; investigating
    • Problems with dcache in LYON
  • 4 October:
    • Many transfers to Lyon finish with State from FTS: Failed; Retries: 4; Reason: Transfer failed. ERROR an end-of-file was reached (Problem solved by CERN in the afternoon)
    • Good efficiency for transfers CERN-LYON
    • Transfer T1-> T2 to all sites except CPPM and SACLAY (SE full)
    • 15:51 Update the VOBOX to glite 3.0.4
  • 3 October
    • dcache for SC4 tests back in operation
    • Start transfer from LYONDISK to T2s (try to follow online)
    • Since dataset are destroyed at CERN after 24 hours, only datasets younger than 12 hours are transfered to T2s.
    • Bad transfer rate to GRIF (FTS never finish for the 3 ATLAS sites)
    • SE in CPPM is full
    • 20-30 MB/s rate for 4 sites
  • 2 October :
    • Problems with dcache in Lyon
  • 30 September-1 October :
    • T0-T1 transfer chaotic due to problems for DDM to get FTS messages (use CERN FTS server) (then transfers are killed).
  • Status after one week :
    • Transfer ran smoothly with the usual problem of LFC access speed
    • No T1-T2 transfer


  • 24 September: Upgrade of DDM software. VOBOX activity much lower.

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