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T0-T1-T2 tests

  • A new DDM version (called 0.3) is under test. The first goal is to reach a steady transfer from CERN (T0) to T1s.
  • A new Arda monitoring fro DDM 0.3 is accessible at this address
  • A Twiki page is maintained for the whole transfers

T0-LYON tests

  • Lyon participated to the T0-T1 test since the beginning (beginning of May).
  • The main problems was Castor stability at CERN
  • Datasets exists during 24 hours. After 24 hours, the datasets are deleted but not the physical files and the LFC entries.
  • Files are kept 8 hours in dcache disk area (cleaning managed by dcache team)
  • Status plot with one bin per day (15 May)


LYON-T2 tests

General remarks

  • A cron script is run from LAPP to request
    • transfer of datasets to each T2/T3 site
    • delete files and LFC entries when the dataset transfer is complete or the dataset disappeared (operated by CERN)
  • Files have to be transfered before the files and the datasets disappeared.


  • 12 May First tests of LYON->T2
  • 15 May: Status plot for (15 May) bytes.86400.png