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Bienvenue sur la page Atlas SC4 LCG-France

Welcome to the LCG-France Atlas SC4 page

Twiki page : SC4 ATLAS

Compte rendu de la réunion SC4 ATLAS au CERN du 9 Juin (S.Jézéquel) (written in french)

  • T0 Role(CERN)
    • Produce dummy files with 1 to 2 GB size(RAW, ESD et AOD)
    • Initiate T0->T1 transfers
    • FTS server sents files to Lyon choosing between 'TAPE' (RAW 43,2 Mo/s) or 'DISK' (ESD,AOD 23+20 Mo/s) areas
  • T1 Role (CCIN2P3)
    • Get files from T0 (dedicated dcache area)
    • Send all AODs to each T2 (20 Mo/s) using Lyon FTS server
    • Regurlarly cleanup files
    • Get files from T1 (Lyon)
    • Clean-up the files (?)
  • Other roles
    • ATLAS (S. Jézéquel) : Initiate T1->T2 transfers

Information from DDM monitoring

According to DDM team, the monitoring is too slow to display the correct information. Untill this is solved, only FTS transfer rates provided by Gridview are displayed: [ Atlas FTS transfer rate ] [ Atlas CERN->Lyon FTS transfer rate ]