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The goal of this test is to check that data produced can be moved between sites (functionnalities are working). It is not a performance measurement yet.

News and actions

  • Check disk space availability in LYONDISK (300 GB) and Tier2S (100-200 GB)
  • 15 October : Start of the test
  • 19 October : Available disk space:
    • : 188 GB
    • : 2790 GB
    • 804 GB
    • 2270 GB
    • 1159 GB
    • 3760 GB
    • 6760 GB
    • 1018 GB

Ressource monitoring


mail from Alexei Klimentov (7 October 2006)

  • The next DDM functional test is scheduled for October 2006 after SC4
  • We will start to generate data in a week from now (Oct 15th)
  • Please update table 'Sites' (DDM ops WiKi Functional test) for your site. Data will be generated only for the sites listed in the table. (DDM ops WiKi :
  • Test duration 7 - 10 days
  • The test scope (preliminary) :
repeat Step1 and Step2 of the previous test
Step 1: CERN->Tier1->Tier2s data transfer
Step 2: Tier2s->Tier1 data transfer

Bulk data transfer

CERN -> Tier1s
Tier1->Tier2s (2-3 Tier-2s per cloud)
  • Data transfer of large 2+GB files (if available)
  • Evaluation of data transfer robustness vs dataset size
  • FTS open access (data transfer between different clouds)
  • Two more functional tests are already scheduled Year 2006 (week 47-48, TBC), and Jan 2007. Probably in January we will try to evaluate data transfer performance.

  • several suggestions, comments, questions
    • will we use DDM ops mailing list to discuss test scope or HyperNews ?
    • Tier-1s will need 200-300GB disk space for the October test
    • Tier-2s (if they will participate in bulk data transfer) will need 100-200 GB disk space for the October test
    • There are no special requirements for the SW installation. Run what you are using for SC4

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