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T0-T1 transfer tests (week1)

T1-T1 transfer tests (week2)

T0-T1-T2 transfer tests (week3)

General remarks

The T0 load generator will run at "peak" rate for 3 days ("peak" rate means data from 24h/day of detector data taking at 200Hz are distributed in 24h, while "nominal" rate means data from 14 hours/day of detector data taking at 200Hz are distributed in 24h).

At peak rate 17,280,000 events/day are produced, corresponding to 27.6 TB/day of RAW, 17.3 TB/day of ESD and 3.5 TB/day of AOD (considering the sizes of 1.6 MB/event for RAW, 1.0 MB/event for ESD and 0.2 MB/event for AOD)

monitoring page : data replication from CERN to Tier-1s

monitoring page : data replication within clouds


Shipping continuously data to T1s according to computing model, sites should demonstrate to sustain for 3 days the following export rates

IN2P3 48.00 MB/s 100.00 MB/s 148.00 MB/s

Metric for success: Sites should be capable of sustaining 90% of the mentioned rates (for both disk and tape) for at least 2 days of test. For sites who would like to test higher throughput, we can oversubscribe (both to disk and tape).

As a reminder, here the table of the necessary space needed at each T1

IN2P3 12.4416 TB 25.92 TB


T2s will receive AODs, which should be generated at a rate of 3.5TB/day. The amount that each site receives depends on the share

  • IN2P3-LPC_DATADISK : 13%
  • RO-07-NIPNE_DATADISK : 10%
  • RO-02-NIPNE_DATADISK : 10%

as written in

The shares are decided rather arbitrary according to the free space in ATLASDATADISK. These numers can be raised at a later stage of the test, but at first we would like to be sure everythinig goes well with this rate.

Current Status

T0-T1 (ALL)

  • Throughput
  • Errors

T0-T1 (Lyon)

  • Throughput
  • Errors

T1-T2 (Lyon)

  • Throughput
  • Errors


22 May 09h40

transfers T1-T2 resumed since 8h30. reaching 900MB/s in total.

numbers of assigned datasets to sites look better now.

According to Alexei, cron job for subscription to T2s does not run frequently during the night. That is why.

22 May 08h00

T0-T1 transfers are proceeding, No T1-T2 transfers to DATADISK since last night.

according to dq2.log, new subscriptions today (since 5.22 00:00) are queued only to BEIJING and RO-02-NIPNE, resulting in errors.

the status table does not look nice, I will check.

apparently, no subscription to LAPP, CPPM, LPSC. TOKYO and LAL, who are assigned larger shares, have less subscriptions.

21 May 22h30

Stephane found a temporary solution for the LFC problem. It does not accept Mario's certificate, but does Kors' (thus no problem in T0-T1 transfers).

the dashb graphs show these transfers as of 19:xx (transfers done at 19:xx = 17:xx UTC, and registration done at around 22:30)

21 May 20h20

dashb shows transfers, which seem to be successful but with many registration errors, in the table (not in the graph). Looking into the details, file states are 'ATTEMPT_DONE' with 'HOLD_FAILED_REGISTRATION'


the time on ftsmonitor is UTC.

21 May 19h30

Finally 19 more subscriptions appeared in the dq2.log.

  • ccrc08_run2.016731.physics_D.merge.AOD.o0_r0_t0 (2 files) to BEIJING-LCG2_DATADISK and GRIF-SACLAY_DATADISK
  • ccrc08_run2.016730.physics_B.merge.AOD.o0_r0_t0 (2 files) to BEIJING-LCG2_DATADISK and GRIF-SACLAY_DATADISK
  • ccrc08_run2.016730.physics_D.merge.AOD.o0_r0_t0 (2 files) to BEIJING-LCG2_DATADISK and GRIF-SACLAY_DATADISK

and so on.

In the dq2.log, the files got FileTransferring, VALIDATED, FileCopied, but then, there are errors

FileTransferErrorMessage : reason = [FTS] FTS State [Failed] FTS Retries [1] Reason [TRANSFER error during TRANSFER phase: [TRANSFER_TIMEOUT] globus_gass_copy_register_url_to_url: Connection timed out]
FileRegisterErrorMessage : reason = LFC exception [Cannot connect to LFC [lfc://]]
21 May 18h20 

Around 17h30 transfers resumed. Rate for 17h40-18h20: IN2P3-CC_DATADISK: 158 MB/s, IN2P3-CC_DATATAPE: 37 MB/s

no subscriptions/transfers T1-T2 since the very first dataset ccrc08_run2.016731.physics_A.merge.AOD.o0_r0_t0 (vuid = 6403bd5a-5a71-4732-9a0a-b22b56aef106) to GRIF-LAL_DATADISK and TOKYO-LCG2_DATADISK. Transfers to Tokyo has finished. LAL is still Inactive.

21 May 16h40
Since around 16:40 T0-T1 transfers stopped. There are many errors.

Error caught in srm::getSrmUser.Error creating statement, 
Oracle code: 12537ORA-12537: TNS:connection closed] 
Source Host []
OVERVIEW.num file xs error.14400.20080521-1300-1700.png
LYON.num file xs error.14400.20080521-1300-1700.png

21 May 13h30
T0-T1 Transfers started at around 13h30. The overall throughput from T0 is over 1000MB/s. Lyon is receiving its share at 100-200 MB/s (verying with time). the average rate is about 40MB/s to IN2P3-CC_DATADISK and 140MB/s to IN2P3-CC_DATATAPE according to dashb


T1-T2 Transfers started at around 15h10.

  • from dq2.log:
    • 2008-05-21 15:00: SubscriptionQueued for dataset ccrc08_run2.016731.physics_A.merge.AOD.o0_r0_t0 (vuid = 6403bd5a-5a71-4732-9a0a-b22b56aef106) to GRIF-LAL_DATADISK and TOKYO-LCG2_DATADISK
    • 2008-05-21 15:00: FileTransferring: 3 files of the dataset ccrc08_run2.016731.physics_A.merge.AOD.o0_r0_t0 (fsize = 3600000000 each) for both TOKYO-LCG2_DATADISK and GRIF-LAL_DATADISK
    • 2008-05-21 15:03: VALIDATED: 3 files of dataset ccrc08_run2.016731.physics_A.merge.AOD.o0_r0_t0 at srm://
    • 2008-05-21 15:03: FileCopied: 3 files of dataset ccrc08_run2.016731.physics_A.merge.AOD.o0_r0_t0 at TOKYO-LCG2_DATADISK
    • 2008-05-21 15:03: FileDone: 3 files of dataset ccrc08_run2.016731.physics_A.merge.AOD.o0_r0_t0 at TOKYO-LCG2_DATADISK
    • 2008-05-21 15:05: SubscriptionComplete: vuid = 6403bd5a-5a71-4732-9a0a-b22b56aef106 : site = TOKYO-LCG2_DATADISK : dsn = ccrc08_run2.016731.physics_A.merge.AOD.o0_r0_t0 : version = 1
  • FTS channels for LAL are 'Inactive' for 'Pb clim LAL'

T0-T1-T2 + T1-T1 transfer tests (week4)