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Comments and Errors follow-up

Note that ATLAS Production was ON on the FR-Cloud on January 29

  • IN2P3-LPC_MCDISK: f(w) - Errors due to the load induced by MC production running at that time. Then ST tests jobs (2 x 50 jobs added)were aborted with Logged Reason by wms
Got a job held event, reason: Unspecified gridmanager error 
Job got an error while in the CondorG queue.

The submission to the batch system has failed because the max. total number of jobs (GlueCEPolicyMaxTotalJobs) was reached

Jan 29 23:54:46 clrlcgce03 gridinfo: [25608-30993] Job 1233269583:
lcgpbs:internal_ FAILED during submission to batch system lcgpbs
01/29/2009 23:55:07;0080;PBS_Server;Req;req_reject;Reject reply   code=15046(Maximum
number of jobs already in queue), aux=0..

Probably this value is not looked at as it could be before submission by WMS.

  • IN2P3-CPPM_MCDISK: The same problem has in previous test. Jobs running forever with error ."send2dpm: DP000 - disk pool manager not running on ". This arrive for 13 jobs, all starts running nearly at the same time Thu Jan 29 22:37:53 and run in error around Jan 30 00:21. I have put two of this stdout, stderr there

The load of the local DPM server was around 9 at that time.