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Target and metrics

  • Nb of events : Few hundred up to 1000 jobs/site
  • Rate (evt/s) : up to 15 Hz
  • Efficiency (success/failure rate) : 80 %
  • CPU utilization : CPUtime / Walltime > 50 %


  • Job status : c (completed) | f (failed) | r (running) | s (submitted)
  • Log files : o (stdout) | e (stderr) | j (job wrapper output) | w (wms log)
  • Job execution evolution plot is in minutes
  • CPU/Walltime and events/second plots are only measured with respect to the athena execution time. Athena setup, data preparation and data stageout are notincluded in this.
  • Mean Athena Software Setup Time, Mean Prepare Inputs Time and Mean Output Storage Time are in seconds
    • Mean Athena software : time measured from the start of ganga worker node script until data preparation (Athena distribution kit setup, unpacking of the tarball with the pre-compiled code and setup of the pre-compiled code.
    • Mean Prepare Inputs Time covers LFC bulk access, one lcg-gt call for dCache/castor or multiple lcg-gt calls for DPM for turl retrieval
    • Mean Output Storage Time : call of lcg-cr

To be tracked, open questions

  • GRIF : Stress test dealing with a multi-site
  • CCIN2P3 : co-located T1 and T2
  • Distribution of datasets over sites for stress test purposes
  • lcg-gt timeout (jobs in running state observed at LPC & CPPM)

Test 82 (Dec 15-17)

300 jobs scheduled - 10 sites involved : IN2P3-CC, LPC, GRIF-LAL, GRIF-SACLAY, GRIF-LPNHE, IN2P3-LAPP, TOKYO-LCG2, RO-02, RO-07, IN2P3-CPPM

  • Summary :

28 jobs sent to IN2P3-LAPP
42 jobs sent to RO-07-NIPNE
45 jobs sent to RO-02-NIPNE
74 jobs sent to IN2P3-CPPM
237 jobs addressing GRIF-SACLAY but run at LAL
238 jobs sent to IN2P3-LPC
247 jobs sent to GRIF-LPNHE
300 jobs addressing GRIF-LAL - some run at IPNO
300 jobs sent to IN2P3-CC (T2 vs T1)
300 jobs sent to TOKYO-LCG2

- LAPP 28 jobs sent there - no dataset available to stress the site 
- LPC half of the input files processed 
  failed jobs with error reading file from
  Connection reset by peer - Connection closed by remote end
  37 % of jobs remained in running state - 
  job blocked reading file observed at LPC (JCC) and CPPM (EK) - 
  (stderr) send2nsd: NS009 - fatal configuration error: Host unknown:
   wrong turl pattern 'rfio:/dpm/' 
   probably due to lcg-gt timeout
- CPPM jobs remained in running state with wrong turl pattern 
   probably due to lcg-gt timeout
- GRIF-LPNHEProblem (user mapping misconfiguration) identified and solved - GRIF UNSCHEDULED/DOWNTIME

Test 61 & 62 (Dec 8-10)

300 jobs : IN2P3-LPC, GRIF-LPNHE, IN2P3-CPPM
600 jobs : TOKYO
Input DS Patterns: mc08.*Wmunu*.recon.AOD.e*_s*_r5*tid* mc08.*Zprime_mumu*.recon.AOD.e*_s*_r5*tid* mc08.*Zmumu*.recon.AOD.e*_s*_r5*tid* mc08.*T1_McAtNlo*.recon.AOD.e*_s*_r5*tid* mc08.*H*zz4l*.recon.AOD.e*_s*_r5*tid* mc08.*.recon.AOD.e*_s*_r5*tid*

  • Summary:
 - TOKYO reached the target : 15 evt/s - CPU/Walltime > 60 %
   only 3 jobs failure due to Athena crashes out of 600 jobs run
   Corrupted input AOD files found
   test 61, job 170,  AOD.027097._37998.pool.root  
   test 62, job 202,  AOD.027579._24654.pool.root 
   test 62, job 212, AOD.027076._10514.pool.root
   max. MySQL connections increased from 100, default, up to 200
 - LPC: 218 jobs (92.4 %) completed but not all input files could be read
   Number of input files processed by "completed" jobs ~29000 out of 58326  
   (expected to be)
   Site events/s less than 5 Hz - CPU/Walltime < 50 %
   Job 1.54, DS mc08.105001.pythia_minbias.recon.AOD.e357_s462_r541_tid027069): Expected 1000, Processed 4
   input files are available on disk 
   rfio timeout seen in corresponding stderr
   AOD.027069._03005.pool.root.1.2344130.0 can not be opened for reading
  (Timed out)
   Possible work-around to be considered as applied in UK cloud 
   rfio tuning - increase of rfio bufsize on WNs 
 - CPPM: 
   Only 69 jobs sent because input datasets were unvalaible there
   27 failed jobs (no stdout, no stderr, did not even reach the CE) with
   the error message 'request expired' from WMS because of 'BrokerHelper:
   no compatible resources' (WMS log added to the monitoring page).
   This is seen sometimes by SAM ops test
   About 14 jobs remained in running state - seen running by site - doing
   nothing after 1 hour then killed by the batch scheduler
   no output/no logs = no clear disgnosis 
   CPPM is using GRIF Topbdii. Impact of this ?
   Decision taken to try to redistribute DS to Marseille to get more jobs 
   but unsuccesfully 
 - GRIF-LPNHE 1/3 of jobs remained in running state - seen then
   killed by the batch scheduler - no outputs/no logs = no clear disgnosis

Test 43 (November 28)

- Missing ATLAS release 14.2.20 @ CPPM 
  02/12/08 [DONE] validate-prod of 14.2.20 at (IN2P3-CPPM)
- Mapping CE-SE@GRIF-LAL and GRIF-SACLAY : Publication of multiple CloseSEs
  by LAL and IRFU cf
  should be SOLVED by Ganga team
- LFC bulk reading...End of LFC bulk reading...ERROR: Dataset(s)
 (could be related to same problem)
- ERROR@RO7-NIPNE : failed jobs with Athena errors
  Core dump reading AOD file  
  error reading from file
  AOD.026357._00299.pool.root.1.810634.0 (Timed out)
  to be TRACKED 
- NON FATAL ERRORS (completed jobs) @RO7-NIPNE, RO2-NIPNE : related to
  ATLASUSERDISK space token configuration
  ERROR during execution of lcg-cr --vo atlas -s ATLASUSERDISK
  ERROR: file not saved to RO-07-NIPNE_USERDISK in attempt number 3 ...
  ERROR: file not saved to RO-07-NIPNE_USERDISK - using now IN2P3-CC_USERDISK