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This section contains information on the common activities of the Atlas peer tier-1 associated to the LCG-France tier-1, namely the US Atlas computing facility and GridKa.


  • The first face-to-face meeting of representatives of the 3 Atlas tier-1 sites was hosted by CC-IN2P3 on May 22nd-23rd 2007. The agenda of the meeting can be found at At the end of this meeting a set of possible common activities were identified (see below).

Common activities

  • Modify the network routing
    Goal: use the LHCOPN for data exchanges between the 3 sites
    Status: Done on early June 2007.
  • Exercise disk-to-disk data exchanges between the 3 sites
    Goal: exercise the disk-based data exchange infrastructure between the 3 sites and make sure the required data rates are reached.
    Contact persons: Ghita Rahal (CC-IN2P3), Hironori Ito (US Atlas), Cédric Serfon and John Kennedy (GridKa).
    Coordinator: Hironori Ito (US Atlas)
    Estimated timeframe: end of june, so that the results of this exercise can be used as an input for the Full Dress Rehearsal
  • Reconstruction exercise (after the previous disk-to-disk exercise is performed)
    Goal: Tape-to-disk data staging and distribution to other sites
    Contact persons: Ghita Rahal (CC-IN2P3), TBD (US Atlas), TBD (GridKa).
    Coordinator: to be identified (Eric Lançon is in charge of this).
    Estimated timeframe: September-October 2007
  • Common activities related to the Analysis Farm
    Goal: identify the required services and infrastructure needs for setting up an Atlas analysis farm
    Contact persons: Ghita Rahal (CC-IN2P3), TBD (US Atlas), TBD (GridKa).
    Coordinator: to be identified
    Estimated timeframe: Atlas-France has no plans for doing this before summer

Communication channel

A mail distribution list was setup with representatives of the sites and the Atlas experiments. To post messages to this list use the address Note that you need to be a subscriber to be allowed to post messages to this list.